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This results-focused, rhythm based class offers a perfect blend of Pilates, yoga, ballet and core conditioning. Feel empowered as you move through challenging micro-movements that will build muscle definition and improve strength, flexibility and alignment.


Strengthen your mind, body and spirit, while finding balance and length in our signature yoga classes. Whether you have an established practice or are a first-time yogi, this class provides modifications for all levels, so that you can build power at your own pace.


Challenge your endurance and stamina while moving through high intensity, low-impact interval training. These 45-minute classes will have you working up a serious sweat as you build upper body, core and glute strength on and off the trampoline.


Take your physical strength to the next level with high-powered resistance training. This full-body, dynamic workout will boost your metabolism and fire up your muscles from head to toe, leaving you feeling energized and powerful.


Get ready for a boost of endorphins in this high-energy, full body dance cardio class. Your instructor will guide you through easy-to-follow grooves that will get your heart pumping and sweat dripping as you move to the beat in this incredibly fun workout!

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Created by the founder of DEFINE Body & Mind, join our virtual wellbeing hub for daily practices that will bring positive transformations to you and those around you.


Access 500+ on demand classes
and weekly live workshops

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